Moving On From A Business Partnership

Business partnerships often begin with a sense of good will and shared optimism. All too often, however, the good will dissipates due to business challenges or simply because of personalities that do not mesh.

Common factors that lead to partnership disputes include disagreements over:

  • Major business decisions
  • Allocation of responsibility
  • Employment decisions
  • Non-compete issues
  • Breach of contract, including verbal agreements
  • Breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing

If you are engaged in a dispute with a business partner and it has gotten to the point where you are ready to explore your legal options, the Law Offices of Kenneth V. Kurnos, P.C., is here to protect your rights and interests.

We have significant experience resolving partnership disputes and other business litigation for clients.

As business partners, your interests were tightly aligned. Now, things are different. It is important that you protect your own interests.

What Do You Want Out Of This?

In resolving partnership disputes, we tailor our strategy to suit the unique wishes of our clients. In some cases, they want financial damages, and we are fully prepared to pursue that course of action.

In other situations, however, a client may seek an outcome that does not pit them against their partners, but rather lays the groundwork for future mutual — though separate — success. Whatever your objectives, our attorneys will tailor a legal strategy suited to your unique objectives and set of circumstances.

Talk To A Lawyer About Potential Legal Strategies

A partnership dispute can cause significant stress, lower morale and reduce business productivity. Our lawyers are here to help you explore your options for moving forward from this conflict. To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our experienced business litigation attorneys, please contact us online or by telephone at 617-557-4900.